If you are like most women you have likely been through the dating scene more than your types of men to avoid datingfair share. It is also likely that you have fallen for the wrong guy that seemed like Mr. Right in the beginning. This is extremely common, but if you take it slow and keep your wits about you then you have a good chance of spotting these 3 types of men that should never be dated by you or any woman for that matter.

Don’t Date The Narcissistic Man

The absolute worst type of man to date is the narcissist. These can be the trickiest of them all to spot in the beginning. They tend to be extremely charismatic, charming and even dotting. Unfortunately, these characteristics are part of their long term strategy. Once they have you hooked they can quickly turn into another person completely. What had once been hours of listening to you and boasting to you and others about how amazing you are becomes putting you down and boasting about themselves. The narcissist can only give up the limelight for a short time before they turn the tables and put themselves above you. It usually begins with what seems like jokes, but you will begin to notice that these little jabs are of things that you opened up to them about. At the first hint of these behaviors you must run and never look back.

Never Date a Controlling Man

The next type is the man who wants to control you. Again, at first it isn’t clear that is his intention. His controlling may even come off as being a gentleman at first. Pay close attention to insecure behaviors as they are the initial warning signs. If you are not careful he will soon begin to attempt to control your money, time and friends.

Never Date a Cheating Man

Finally, avoid the cheaters. You may believe that you will never know one until it is too late, but that is not the case. They are actually often the ones to put that information out there for you believing they can justify what they had done to another women. Do not fall for their story. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Take it from a woman who has succumbed to all three of these types of men. They generally are really too good to be true in the beginning, doing all that they can to sweep you off your feet, knowing that if they don’t do so quickly you will see the signs soon enough. The key is taking it slow and really getting to know them before you hand over your heart.

If you’re ready to put the new guy’s worthiness to the test, here’s how to do it.