Sure, a man may turn and appreciate a woman who is attractive which may cause us to feel as if physical appearance is the most important quality that all men seek in a woman. That being said, although it is the physical side of a woman that may initially catch a man’s attention, it is who and what she is that will capture his heart.
Yes, it is importanMake Him Fall in Lovet to put effort into the way you look as it will help you feel better inside and out and show him that you value yourself, however high-quality men are those who are looking for so much more than eye candy and sex, they are the ones who want a woman who is smart, talented and beautiful inside.

Here are six tips to help you capture a high-quality man’s heart:

  1. Confidence
    A very sexy quality in a woman is confidence which can exude an aura that expresses: “I am enough”. When you feel this way, your approach towards love is one of wholeness that will attract men, who are emotionally, mentally, and physically healthier.
  2. Be You
    Don’t act the way you assume a man wants you to act, simply be you. A high-quality man is able to sense if you are comfortable in your own skin, so embrace who you are, quirks and all. This will help you be uniquely you while allowing a man to let his guard down. Besides, the right man will see your quirks and find them endearing.
  3. Be Sincere
    Never play games with a man’s heart or his wallet. If you are more into what a man can give you as opposed to who he is, a smart man will sense it. If you want to really win a man’s heart and have a relationship that can blossom, always be sincere.
  4. Be Open Minded
    Do not form negative judgments simply based off of the superficial traits a man may have, have an open-minded approach that will allow you to really see who he is, this can allow you to discover that he may simply be a lovely diamond in the rough.
  5. Be Present
    When with your man, always be present; do not be preoccupied with thoughts that are unnecessary. When you are present, things are more lighthearted and enjoyable; these qualities are some that high-quality men find beautiful in a woman.
  6. Exude Passion
    Know and do what you are passionate about, being alive in spirit and passionate is contagious. This inspires a man and lets him know you love your life; it will help him not feel pressured and responsible to be the one who provides the excitement in your life.

These six steps are the beginning – you will be who you truly are and that inner beauty will begin to capture the right man’s heart.

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