How to make a man commitWhether you’ve just returned to the world of dating after a previous relationship has ended, either by divorce or death; or you’ve never found that solid, lasting relationship you crave, you’re now looking for a committed relationship. How do you get your man to commit? Here are a few things to consider.

How do you get a man to commit?

Here are a few things to consider.

Where to Search for the Right Man

There are certain places you are more likely to find a man who shares your desire for commitment. Limit your search to venues that draw more serious, family-minded men. If you’re religiously inclined your church would be a likely place to start. If not, try volunteer opportunities — maybe Habitat for Humanity or some similar organization that attracts community minded individuals. You might join a club, a reading or gardening group. These days, even internet dating services have become viable, effective sources to meet Mr. Right.

Be Honest about your Desire for Commitment

While you don’t want to scare someone off by talking overly much on the first date about your desire for commitment, being upfront initially can eliminate those who are not looking for the same thing. So be honest and then move on to the pleasures of getting acquainted and enjoying the process.

Don’t Rush Things

A relationship takes time to build and grow. It doesn’t happen overnight. So once you’ve established your interest in a serious relationship, don’t try to force it. Either it will happen or it won’t, but it’s certainly not going to work if the man you’re seeing feels pressured to commit too soon.

Allow yourselves time to discover each other’s qualities and see if you are compatible.

Does he have a good sense of humor?
How does he treat his own family?
How does he treat strangers or service providers, such as your waiter or waitress when you eat out?
Is he serious about his career?
Does he demonstrate an interest in your life and feelings about matters or does he talk about himself all the time?

Choose Your Man Wisely

Having a committed relationship means you will be living with each other the rest of your lives. Are you able to live with him and love him despite any flaws and vice versa?

Are you able to live with him and love him despite any flaws and vice versa?

In short, you get a man to commit by choosing wisely and then allowing the relationship to grow naturally to the point that you mutually share a desire to make it permanent.

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